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All donations are exempt from tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act


We are grateful for your support and would covet your prayers for the work at the Baptist Christian Hospital, Tezpur. 


If you would like to support any of our programs, please write to us for details by clicking the respective button. Please mention the name of the program in the subject.



Support for Patient Care


The Baptist Christian Hospital, Tezpur provides concessional and free treatment for patients who are poor and marginalized. Patients come to our hospital knowing they will not be turned away for want of financial need.


Food for two weeks                                        USD 25        GBP 15         INR  1500

Maintaining one free bed for one month    USD 200      GBP 120      INR 12000

Maintaining one free bed for one year        USD 2400    GBP 1440    INR 144000

Supporting one free clinic for one year       USD 13000  GBP 7800    INR 780000   

Support for Education


The Baptist Christian Hospital, Tezpur provides concessional and free education for students who cannot afford education. Our aim is to provide quality education to children who are poor and marginalized and ensure a level playing field in finding employment. All our courses are heavily subsidized to achieve this objective. The hospital also helps school drop-outs to complete schooling by providing bicycles (Cycle Bank) to help them reach school. The community college is aimed at providing skill training in health care to meet the needs of the community and the health care system while ensuring a livelihood for the students and their families.


One cycle towards a cycle bank                    USD 70       GBP 40         INR  4000

Yearly scholarship for GNM students          USD 1800   GBP 1080     INR 108000

Yearly scholarship for DMLT students         USD 900     GBP 540       INR 54000

Yearly scholarship for Community College  USD 450     GBP 270       INR 27000   

Support for Infrastructure Projects


The Baptist Christian Hospital, Tezpur needs infrastructure to expand and improve services that are unique to this region. Many of these services will be a "first of the kind" in this area which will help in training, intervention and improving the quality of care across the districts in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. 


Emergency and Trauma Center                   USD 200000        GBP 120000         INR  12000000

Residence for Men Students                        USD 200000        GBP 120000         INR  12000000

New Operating Theater Complex                USD 350000        GBP 210000         INR  21000000

Renovation and Expansion of Wards/OPD  USD 350000        GBP 210000         INR  21000000   

Training Center                                             USD 200000        GBP 120000         INR  12000000

RREIC (Early Intervention Center)                 USD 150000        GBP 90000           INR  9000000

Dharamsala (Annexe for patient relatives)  USD 7000            GBP 4200             INR  420000

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